In Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger, Mahesh Grossman, President of The Authors Team, a premier ghostwriting agency, shows you:

Why smart authors hire ghostwriters
How ghostwriters increase the odds that you'll get published and can actually make you more money
How anyone with an idea can go from "normal Joe or Jane" to "paid author" in just 90 days
The 7 Key Guidelines on what to pay a ghostwriter so you can avoid being ripped off plus 5 "must haves" to include in a contract to protect your ideas
10 ways to find bargain basement writers who will work for less than half the price of what most ghostwriters charge (for as little as $500)
How to have a ghostwriter write your book for free
How your ghostwriter can help you find an agent to sell your book

You'll also learn a secret formula that will help you sell your book before you write it and get a healthy advance... possibly even over $100,000.

Plus, you'll see five actual examples of how several authors used this formula to sell their books to top mass-market publishers, (including one first-time, little-known author who sold her memoirs for a six-figure sum).

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What's the secret most Hollywood celebrities and 43% of all published authors use to create the books you see on the bestseller list? They use a ghostwriter.

"MASTERFUL... ENLIGHTENING... Extremely valuable for anyone who has ever fantasized about seeing their name on a real published book."

- Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books
Over 14 million copies sold; now in 39 languages

"Mahesh Grossman takes all the mystery out of hiring a ghostwriter and getting your book into print! This guide is thorough, well-organized, enjoyably written, and packed with genuinely useful information!"

- Susan Page
Author of The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book

"Don't even think about hiring a ghostwriter until you read this book. Mahesh Grossman's easy to follow, smart advice will save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes. The only good reason to skip this book is if you hire Mahesh."

- Dan Poynter
Author of The Self-Publishing Manual

"This book is so good, you should buy 10 and give it to all your friends who want to be published."

- Dottie Walters
Author of Speak and Grow Rich

"Immensely valuable . . .Whether you're a pauper or a king, Mahesh Grossman shows you how to hire a ghostwriter who fits your budget. With your own ghostwriter, you'll feel just like a celebrity. Follow the instructions in Grossmanís insightful book, and pretty soon you might be one!"

- Rick Frishman
President of Planned Television Arts
And author of Guerrilla Publicity and
Guerrilla Marketing for Writers

"You really can write a book without lifting a finger. Feel queasy about having someone else do the hard work? Grossman will talk you out of your qualms. Not sure how to find a ghostwriter or how much to pay him or her? He covers all the ins and outs of this, and much, much more. Highly recommended."

- Marcia Yudkin
Author of Six Steps to Free Publicity and 10 other books

"Land A Book Deal from Just Twenty Pages shows you the same formula I used to sell my book for a six-figure advance. If you want to be taken seriously by agents and publishers, you need to get your hands on this book."

- Rich Fettke
Author of Extreme Success

"Drop everything and read this book. I'm serious. I've never seen this much good information presented so concisely, cogently and usefully. Oh, and by the way, if you intend to sell your services as a business owner, consultant or speaker, there is no better advertisement you can get for yourself than a published book!"

- David Garfinkel
Advertising copywriter and author,
Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

"Mahesh Grossman offers solid information about how authoring a book can enhance your professional reputation, and how hiring a ghostwriter can help speed up and smooth out the process."

- Jennifer Basye Sander
Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published and Senior Editor, Random House

Right now, Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger (which includes Land a Book Deal From Just Twenty Pages) is available for secure online ordering.

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Bonus Number One

One Hour of My Personal Advice on Your Book Project - A $400 Value

Do you have questions about what it takes to become a published author, and maybe even a bestselling one?

I'll spill my guts on everything I know from working on over 40 books, and in-depth conversations I've had with some of the world's bestselling authors. I'll tell you whatever you personally need to know in order to:

  • Optimize the impact your book will have on your business
  • Create content that you can use not just in your book, but in speeches, audio products, DVDs, seminars, boot camps, and member-only websites
  • Create the right title for your book so that it can become a bestseller
  • Hire a ghostwriter so that you can write a book without lifting a finger
  • Receive endorsements from famous authors and other celebrities
  • Find the agent and editor who can help you sell your book for the highest price (I might even introduce you to my personal network of top agents and editors)
  • Publish your book yourself so that it lands in bookstores as fast as possible
  • Get on TV and radio talk shows and be interviewed by the nation's top newspapers
  • Earn thousands of dollars in your sleep by creating information products based on your book (You can even start selling part of your content as an ebook right now!)

Bonus Number Two

4 Month Subscription to Bill Stoller's Free Publicity - A $40 Value

Each month, Free Publicity provides you with publicity tips, leads, resources and expert advice that will give you a huge edge over your competition. You'll save thousands by doing exactly what PR firms do without hiring a PR firm!

Even if you've never written a press release, called a journalist or even thought about trying to get publicity, Free Publicity will make it easy -- and fun - to claim all the publicity exposure that awaits you.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find in Free Publicity:

  • Hot Opportunities: Bill will tell you when editors and reporters are actively seeking information for upcoming stories, and he'll break down new media outlets to uncover PR openings.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Get inside top magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows from a publicist's perspective. Free Publicity digs deep to help you score big.
  • Tools of the Trade: Press releases, pitch letters, media alerts, fact sheets, you name it. If there's a tool that will help you succeed. Bill will tell you how to make it work for you.
  • Internet Publicity Tips: Most people who talk about getting publicity online aren't publicists, so they really don't have a clue. He'll save you time, money and aggravation by telling you how to work the web for story placements.
  • Journalist Profiles: Top editors and reporters will share, in their own words, what works and what doesn't when it comes to pitching the media -- and they'll each give you the inside scoop on what they're covering and how to contact them.
Plus, there's so much more: book reviews; no B.S. resource recommendations; publicity makeovers; the latest industry news; guest columns from some of the nation's top marketing minds....well, you get the idea.

Bonus Number Three

The Agent List - A $12 Value

The Agent List contains an up-to-date list of nearly 400 top literary agents. All available contact information is included, including web links.

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  • The Agent List - A $12 Value

  • Subscription to my twice monthly newsletter, Author Secrets


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  • Subscription to Bill Stoller's Free Publicity - A $40 Value

  • The Agent List - A $12 Value

  • Subscription to my twice monthly newsletter, Author Secrets


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  • Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger, plus FREE ebook version

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  • Subscription to Bill Stoller's Free Publicity

  • The Agent List - A $12 Value

  • Subscription to my twice monthly newsletter, Author Secrets


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